Hello, I am Mariamgely Santiago, the creator of Boricua On The Moon.

Why Boricua On The Moon?

First, the name of my blog came from the song Boricua En La Luna by Roy Brown. I love the song! It is an unofficial anthem to all of us that live outside Puerto Rico as well as those that feel Boricuas even if they were born somewhere else. The main message of this song is that we are so proud of our culture and heritage that we call ourselves borincanos even if we are born on the Moon. The Puerto Rican diaspora is growing more and more again. It is mostly due to the economic situation of Puerto Rico. We, once more, leave our roots and families behind to look for opportunities somewhere else. We take our culture and our love for Puerto Rico wherever we go and try to recreate the little pleasures that remind us of our homeland.

Why a blog?

This blog is my way to honor and preserve my culture as a Puerto Rican living in Texas. I moved to Houston, Texas in 2008 for work. At the time, I felt very strange and foreign to this country and the food. While I love BBQ and Tex-Mex, I missed my comfort foods so much. As the time went by, I started finding more options to my Puerto Rican foods… and green plantains at the store. You will notice I love plantains. They are my potatoes! The flavor of a good sofrito, mofongo or fricase deserves to be shared with you and the world. Hence, why I am writing these recipes and sharing them with you. Some of these recipes come from my mother and her cooking experiments. Other recipes come from my experience substituting one item for what’s available here. They are all tied to memories of my life and family in Puerto Rico, growing up in Caguas and studying in Mayaguez (Colegial de Sangre Verde!).

As a fun fact, I have tons of bookshelves full of cookbooks! They are a big inspiration when wanting to try something new and different. I always try to put a boricua spin on the typical everyday meals of these cookbooks and will be sharing those experiments here too.

The healing part…

I recently embarked on a healing journey through food. My experiments with Whole30 and Ketogenic Diet are here for you to enjoy and take whatever positive you can from my experience. I know a lot of latinos are looking for options that still include the flavor they are used to. I hope you find some of that here and share your own experience. Feedback and comments are always welcomed!

As you read through my posts, keep in mind my mission of spreading Puerto Rico’s cuisine, culture and history through the recipes I grew up with.  I hope you enjoy the blog and feel encouraged to try the recipes and share them with those that need them.

Disclaimer: Yes, I will write of Puerto Rico as my country and homeland and not as part of the United States of America (USA). While I respect USA, I do not feel part of this country or their culture. It is not a political statement as politics at home (Puerto Rico) have little to do with politics in the States (USA), just want to keep this clear for all the readers.