First, the name of my blog came from the song Boricua En La Luna by Roy Brown. I love the song! It is an unofficial anthem to all of us that live outside Puerto Rico (a.k.a la diaspora). The Puerto Rican diaspora is growing more and more again. It is mostly due to the economic situation of Puerto Rico. We leave our roots and families behind to look for opportunities outside the island. In that process, we take our culture and small comforts that bring us closer to Puerto Rico while abroad.

This blog is my way to honor and preserve my culture and share my experiences. I moved to Houston in 2008. While I love BBQ and Tex-Mex, I missed my comfort foods and the warmth of my people. As time went by, I started finding more options that made me feel welcomed here.

This blog was born when I decided to share recipes and memories of my life and family in Puerto Rico. My experiences as a college student in Mayaguez (Colegial de Sangre Verde!) will also have a place here. And as time continues on, I want to add my life experiences as a Puerto Rican transplant, a mom and a women working in a male dominated industry. I welcome everyone here even if we are different and encourage you to share your experiences as well. I believe that sharing and understanding our differences make us stronger. 

Puerto Rico and Politics

I write of Puerto Rico as my country. While I respect the United States of America (USA), I am a foreigner to this country. My accent will tell you so right away. I wasn’t born and raised here and my behaviors will normally point to my native culture. I am still learning this country’s culture and customs.

Puerto Rico’s political situation is challenging whether you favor independence, status quo or statehood for the island. In addition, the corruption has overpowered the potential to have a productive government. Therefore, politics and Puerto Rico will always be a highly contentious topic. I am always open to discuss as long as we all respect each others.

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