Stuffed Poblano Pepper with Shredded Cheese on top
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Keto Stuffed Poblano Peppers

I have been experimenting with keto recipes and making videos of them. They are pretty basic, but I hope it helps others like me. If you are starting keto or low carb, these stuffed peppers with a twist may be your thing. These peppers can be eaten just like that. I add guacamole and hot […]

Thanksgiving Feast Cover
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Thanksgiving – The Main Event

Thanksgiving or Accion de Gracias at my family was a major event when we were kids. My dad’s family is pretty big so anything with them was big. We celebrated at my Abuela’s house for many years. We used to have turkeys from almost every household – about 10 to 15 turkeys. All turkeys were […]

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Puerto Rican Beef Stew

While Puerto Rico continues dealing with so much, I decided to finally publish my carne guisada. It’s very simple recipe and the variations of it are many depending on the cook. The one I like is the kind I can throw in the instant pot and 30-40 minutes later the smell takes me back home.