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Thanksgiving Feast Cover
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Thanksgiving – The Main Event

Thanksgiving or Accion de Gracias at my family was a major event when we were kids. My dad’s family is pretty big so anything with them was big. We celebrated at my Abuela’s house for many years. We used to have turkeys from almost every household – about 10 to 15 turkeys. All turkeys were […]

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Puerto Rican Beef Stew

While Puerto Rico continues dealing with so much, I decided to finally publish my carne guisada. It’s very simple recipe and the variations of it are many depending on the cook. The one I like is the kind I can throw in the instant pot and 30-40 minutes later the smell takes me back home.

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Simply Maduros

During the devastation of this hurricane season, I find comfort on maduros. I boiled them until the peel is easy to take off and they are soft and sweet, fried them either deep or pan-fry or saute them with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon for sweet dessert. I even do mofongo with ripe plantains. The […]

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Platanutres and Arañitas

If you are a fan of tostones, platanutres are going to be another favorite. It’s easier to prepare than tostones and work great as corn chips replacement… and I don’t mean the bags of plantain chips at the store. I like platanutres to be a bit meaty, but not paper thin like the bags at […]

Yellow and Green Plantains in Boxes
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Plantains: The Basics

What are plantains or plátanos? Well, they are not bananas for starters. Bananas are guineos and in some countries they call plátanos the bananas, but not in Puerto Rico. I wouldn’t eat a plantain like a banana when it is ripe or yellow. The green plantains are as versatile as potatoes. Unfortunately, I keep seeing […]